«The Fabelmans»: The most personal movie in Steven Spielberg’s vaunted career is the opening film of the 63rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Thessaloniki International Film Festival kicks off on Thursday November 3rd and welcomes its audience with a tender coming-of-age movie that renders homage to the magical aura and the redeeming power of cinema. «The Fabelmans», the most personal film in Steven Spielberg’s vaunted career, which snatched the prestigious People’s Choice Award in the recent Toronto Film Festival, is the opening film of the 63rd TIFF.

«The Fabelmans» stars Gabriel LaBelle (The Predator, American Gigolo series) as 16-year-old aspiring filmmaker Sammy Fabelman; four-time Academy Award® nominee Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea, My Week with Marilyn) as his artistic mother, Mitzi; Paul Dano (The Batman, There Will Be Blood) as his successful, scientific father, Burt; Seth Rogen (Steve Jobs, An American Pickle) as Bennie Loewy, Burt’s best friend and honorary “uncle” to the Fabelman children, and Academy Award® nominee Judd Hirsch (Uncut Gems, Ordinary People) as Mitzi’s Uncle Boris.

The renowned American filmmaker takes on the dual role of director-screenwriter, co-writing with Academy Award®-nominated screenwriter and Pulitzer-winning playwright Tony Kushner. The film is produced by Academy Award® nominee Kristie Macosko Krieger, Spielberg and Kushner.

The music is by five-time Academy Award® winner John Williams (Schindler’s List, Jaws), the costume designer is two-time Oscar® winner Mark Bridges (The Artist, Phantom Thread) and the production designer is two-time Oscar® winner Rick Carter (Lincoln, Avatar). «The Fabelmans» is edited by three-time Academy Award® winner Michael Kahn (Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List) and Sarah Broshar (West Side Story, The Post).

«The Fabelmans» will celebrate its avant-premiere on November 11th in selected movie theaters of the US, and will hit Greek cinemas on November 24th, distributed by Odeon.

The Fabelmans
Director: Steven Spielberg
Writers: Steven Spielberg, Tony Kushner
Stars: Michelle Williams, Gabriel LaBelle, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, Judd Hirsch
Music: John Williams
Costume Designer: Mark Bridges
Production Designer: Rick Carter
Film Editing: Michael Kahn, Sarah Broshar
Country of Origin: United States
Released Year: 2022
Duration: 151 min.


2 thoughts on “«The Fabelmans»: The most personal movie in Steven Spielberg’s vaunted career is the opening film of the 63rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival

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